Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to bring my own tools?

You can bring your own tools if you want, but DIY Auto Center provides a 330 piece tool set with each bay rental.  This tool set will get you through most repairs.  If you need specialty tools we have just about any mechanic tool you can imagine.  Our specialty tools are included free with the price of the bay rental.

What type of vehicles can I work on at DIY Auto Center?

We have bays and lifts for all types of cars and trucks all the way up to 14,000 pound  GVW.  Whether you drive an American, Asian or European vehicle you can work on it at  Do It Yourself Auto Center, Inc.  We have flat bays for large service vehicles or boats, we even offer lifts for Motorcycles, Snowmobiles, ATV's and Lawn Tractors.

What if I get into my project and I need professional help to complete it?

DIY Auto Center, Inc. has professional help available for rent.  You can rent our staff mechanic or one of the Independent Mechanics operating their business out of our  facility.  Rental of a mechanic costs $5.00 for 5 minutes.

Can I bring my own parts?

Because DIY Auto Center, Inc works hard and goes through great expense ordering and inventorying parts we request that you purchase all of your parts through us.  You are welcome to bring USED parts but if you must purchase a part we ask that you purchase it from us, this helps us to keep our bay rental rates low. Our "Hard-Parts" will usually be cheaper than the identical part purchased at one of the local parts houses - we usually even beat the pricing of the "Big-Box" chain store parts houses.

If you have to carry-in a NEW part we charge a 15% carry-in fee based off the retail price obtained from a local parts house.
After all, you wouldn't carry a steak into a restaurant would you?

Does DIY Auto Center supply parts?

YES!  We provide a full line of automotive parts. 
Most of our "Soft-Parts" i.e chemicals, oils, filters etc will be cheaper than Farm and Fleet or Wal-Mart. 

What if I want to save money on my automotive work but I dont care to do the work myself?

For those who prefer to have a mechanic do their automotive work DIY Auto Center, Inc. is staffed with independent mechanics who run their business from our facility.  These  mechanics are business owners who share in the savings generated by our unique business model.  Our independent mechanics are dedicated to passing their savings on to you.  Never again will you be required to pay the $80 to $120 per hour rates many  service facilities charge.  Hire one of our business partners and you will always get FAIR PRICED service.                                   


DIY Auto Center is a eight bay auto repair facility equipped with state-of-the-art  equipment, tools and auto repair information.  Our bays are available for rent for the length of time you need them.  Whether you want to replace your brakes, tune-up your  vehicle, tear down and rebuild an engine or just change your oil - You can do it all at DIY Auto Center.