Independent Mechanic Program

Are you a mechanic who is interested in starting your own business?

There are many barriers to starting and operating your own business, but when you run your business out of DIY Auto Center, Inc. we work to remove those barriers.

As an Independent Mechanic you will set your own rates, hours and work ethic.  You will be required to have an LLC or Corporation.  We will set up the LLC for you.  DIY Auto Center will provide most of the services you would normally have to take care of yourself. 
We provide:

·         All customer Invoicing,

·         Parts look-up and ordering

·         Customer vehicle tracking

·          We invest in education and knowledge of EPA and DNR rules

·         We maintain your work area in compliance with all appropriate rules and regulations. 

·         We provide quarterly mailings to your customer base

·         We provide vehicles for you to work on through our fleet maintenance program and walk-in customers. 

·         We provide courtesy vehicles

·         We provide marketing

·         We setup your LLC and file annual reports

Getting started requires no investment

You will still be responsible for your monthly and annual tax filings and your own financial accounts.

You will present your customer with the invoice we provide on your letter head and will be responsible for collection.